We Heart Snoozer Loser <3

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Right now in my Fashion folder on Google Reader I am subscribed to exactly 65 blogs, from all around the world. In my folder you can find posts from the adorable Kertii in Estonia, to Style from Tokyo, Style Bubble in London to The Velvet Bow, here in little ol’ Perth. Every morning I come in to work, clear out my emails and begin to slowly make my way through the 300 or so unread posts, sharing and starring my way through them all! I like to call this me ‘keeping my finger on the pulse’. I don’t have any clear favorites, I think I would end up listing them all if I could! But I DO love me some delicious Kingdom of Style action. I die for Queen Marie & Queen Michelle!


The point of this post was to share some lovelies I stumbled upon whilst reader their post ‘Snooze You Lose’, about the brand Snoozer Loser. We immediately fell in love with their beautiful prints (prints = hot, hot, hot for spring!), especially the linen high-waisted circle skirts below, available with antique birdcage or seafan print.

We also heart the antique scissor print on their 100% Organic Cotton Voile blouses! Which comes in navy & white, navy, white & grey, or gold & black.

I am a simple girl, so I probably wouldn’t have the guts/would not be able to pull off 2 prints simultaneously, but would definitely rock the skirts with a plain muted coloured blouse, and vice versa 🙂

You can get the skirts for $118, and the blouses for $120 here.

Fashion Week has been and gone, closing up shop yesterday with the Fashion Awards, and it has definitely made me think I want a major wardrobe overhaul!!! When I have a spare afternoon (harder to find than it sounds) I will go through and make list of what I have, and what I want for the coming seasons! (STARTING WITH SNOOZER LOSER EVERYTHING)

If you are curious as to who I (K) was before professorprofessor, you can check out some sweet veganny action on my other blog (sadly abandoned since professorprofessor’s formation) here. The more recent posts are mostly fashion related anyway, and as they get older they begin to get a lot more vegan orientated. Don’t be scared!


K & P



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Hello, Hello!
Wow, what craziness the weekend brought! We have been pretty much non-stop since Thursday! As we showed in our last post, Paige, our beautiful co-creator rocked the heck out of the vintage leather bomber jacket in our first ever lookbook ‘look’, teaming it with her Maurie & Eve maxi dress, and Maurie & Eve biker chick boots.
We also spent the night shooting most of our pieces, and are happy to say that just short of editing a few pics they are on their way! How exciting.
Friday rolled around and we were off to Forrest Chase to check out ‘Every Body Counts’, a fashion show celebrating diversity, it was great to see everybody on the catwalk, and was nice to see how confident everybody was! This did not satiate our fashion thirst, and after an impromptu visit to Pigeonhole Vintage on shafto lane, and Myer, we headed straight over to Times Square and managed to snaffle the last of the door tickets! We could not believe our luck! We were 3rd row back from the catwalk, and yes, the 2 rows in front of us were VIP! Directly behind Narelda Jacobs, Russell James (+ family) and opposite Wayne Cooper and Erin McNaught, we could not resist sneaking in a few* fangirl/stalker pics! (*Ok, more than a few!!).
The show featured big names Bettina Liano, Leona Edmiston & Wayne Cooper, as well as local designers Ae’Lkemi, Breathless, & Anna Thomas.
The models were stunning (and so thin that as soon as we saw them we made a pack to join a gym!) and a predominant colour we saw during the show was the ever-present nude. Unfortunately for one brave model, we saw more nude than we bargained for as a Leona Edmiston gown slipped to one side, exposing her breast! But we have to say, we commend her for her composure she was the perfect model in the situation, taking it all into stride, and strutting down the catwalk proudly to a sea of applause.
Pics (crudely taken on iPhone as K the genius forgot to bring batteries for the camera) are to come.
A special mention to Wayne Cooper’s collection, which was absolutely breath-taking, as well as Bettina Liano, who in our eyes never disappoints.

On Sunday my boyfriend slaadi and I headed down to the yard sale featured on SIXTHOUSAND, so i could do some rummaging, and came up with 3 solid finds that you will see popping up very shortly! That afternoon I managed to get my brother-in law to join me at ‘Unwrapped: The Marketplace’ at the ‘Urban Orchard’ in Northbridge which was approx 50 stalls of Perth’s up-and-coming student/graduate designers! I took loads of fan girl pics and even picked up a H.O.T hooded satin number from Igor & Katja’s last collection for $60- the best way to describe it is urban super hero! It was a beautiful day, and who could complain about being surrounded by clothes for the most of it!

But I did learnt something- if you don’t look ‘indie/hipster’ enough, certain Perthites will get a little big for their boots! Eg, Anon was selling me this ROCKIN’ urban super hero dress of a certain local brand, and it was played out like so-

K- [Excitedly brings super hot awesome dress to counter]

A- [mid conversation with other stall attendant]

K- Just that one thanks 😀

A- Rhubarb, rhubarb, rhubarb- $60 thanks- rhubarb, rhubarb, rhubarb

K- Uhhh thanks . . [Walks away slightly deflated, and without even being given a bag] Ouch!

Customer service never hurt nobody! And customer service is a huuuge thing for me. Working in the industry specifically, aswell as having worked in various bars/ food & beverage roles, I know the importance of good customer service. Sometimes it can make or break a sale! People such as Anon need to seriously deflate their ego and appreciate the small people, ie petite girls toting large cameras, that blog! A bloggers review of a restaurant, a bar or even a clothing brand could be the difference between 40 of their loyal followers going and checking them out and telling all their friends, or 40 loyal followers picketing the brand, and telling all their friends. Please note, I think I have approx. 2 loyal followers, but still! In the words of Ali G, RESPECTA.

Anyway, unfortunately Perth Fashion Festival is wrapping up in the coming days, Fifteen Minutes and Up! The Finale are on tonight, and the Mercedes Benz Fashion Awards is tomorrow, then Perth goes back to plain old boring old Perth- minus all the shipping containers. After work I plan on heading over to finally see Popsicle before it closes, but obligations prevent me from attending any of the other festivities. Goodbye #pff, you were beautiful, and I can assure all once I have uploaded and picked through my thousands of pics I will post them!
‘Til next time,

K & P


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We toiled our asses off last night, with a 4.5hr long photo-shoot, taking test shots of all our new products, aswell as finally creating a lookbook account to help with networking!

P put on a brave face and was our unofficial model of the afternoon, and braved the freezing cold when I insisted we take a few final shots outside!
You can check out the results of our hard work here! Please don’t hesitate to hype! Pic is below, and guess what- the black leather bomber jacket is part of our first release! Soon my pretties . . Very soon! (Probably tonight!)

How great does she look? Right?

K & P

(insert witty title here)

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Honestly- where are our creative juices today if we couldn’t even come up with a good pun involving the word fur? Ugh!

So we are slowly getting on our feet here at professorprofessor, we knew it would be hard work, and guess what- It is!

We will be posting a sneak peek of our first batch as soon as possible! WATCHTHISSPACE.

For now we would like to talk to you about fur! Not real fur- god no, faux fur. We were hesitant to begin with, and dismissed it as tacky & gaudy, but have finally warmed to the idea . . just in time for summer!! Oh how we wish we were on the same side of the world as Europe (northern hemisphere . . southern hemisphere???). Anyways, we here at professorprofessor HQ have recently been going gaga for Uncle K’s Fall 2010/11 line! Below are a few of our favorite pieces!

Uncle K- never to be out done, imported a 265-ton iceberg from the northern reaches of Sweden all the way to Paris for the show as a centrepiece, and had the models traipse through water as the ice gradually melted around them! 

We love the combination of lace, sheer and fur above! The top in the third panel especially! It reminds us of a similar piece that USED to be found at Topshop.


Camel is crazy in right now, and we love the camel fur mini in the last panel, also fantisizing over rocking the tweed/fur combo in the middle panel on a chilly night out! We would pair these with opaque tights, and Jeffrey Campbell Caramel Foxy Platforms. (How drool worthy are those shoes right? Need vegan version . . stat!)

Here at professorprofessor black is the new black, it is the perfect colour (or shade if you want to get technical) for a base outfit! As as we die for black, and die for faux fur, naturally we die for anything that combines black with faux fur!

Now we have a few things we would like to take up with Uncle K when we see him, for one, we don’t particularly like the fur boots he has going on, for one did he take into account the fact that most models were channeling the ‘wet dog’ look, thanks to walking through all that glacier juice?? Also . . they are reminiscent of another time for us;


Also, whilst we are casually chatting to our home-boy Lagerfeld, we might bring up this;

We call it, ‘Chanella Deville”

Anyway, the reason for this post was to let you know that professorprofessor will most definitely be channelling Chanel in the weeks to come! Combining fur with the current leopard print trend, aswell as adapting this red-hot trend to suit the red-hot climate in Australia in the coming months! As we said- watch this space! So many exciting developments in the works! Also, the coming few days we will be building up our mad skillz by attending every Perth Fashion Festival event our pockets/schedules will allow us too! Will try post all the happenings as they unfold!


K & P

sheer luck

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Here at professorprofessor we have an unhealthy obsession with all things sheer. FACT.

Which is why we dropped everything when Urban Outfitters added this sheer maxi skirt to their fall catalogue. Perfect for layering it up, this skirt is crazy hot and crazy versatile.  High hem-lines are dead. Right now its all about the long flowing look of a maxi, and adding sheer into the mix gives the perfect edge to any outfit.

Pair with killer chunky heels and got OTT with multi-layering, a fist full of rings, and a bundle of necklaces.

 K & P


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We are the dynamic duo that is professorprofessor. This is just a mini post to introduce ourselves and what we will be doing!

As you probably have already seen by our story, we are 2 kooky characters going by the names of Kelly & Paige. We got sick of seeing so little vintage clothing stores in Perth, so decided to make our own! We now dedicate all our spare time (which between our hectic schedules is not that much) to digging through the vast bins of thrift stores, for the perfect vintage pieces.

We will be offering our insight on the trending styles of today, tomorrow, and yesteryear, creating looks for less, posting street styles, selling vintage pieces, and drawing inspiration from shows such as 90210, Degrassi Junior High and 16 Candles. (Who are we kidding, we just want an excuse to watch them!)

Watch this space for the excitement to unfold!

K & P

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